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Click here for Guidelines to process works in CNC Wire cut EDM Machine


-Workshop training to 2021 batch B. Tech/Dual Degree students is scheduled from 11th April, 2022 to 07th May, 2022.
- Central Workshop staff members are engaged to train 1050 students.
- CWS work requests will not be able to process during these period.
- Conventional machining and fabrication work requests will be sent to Central Fabrication Facility(CFF).
- Works carried out at CFF will be charged and payment should be made to CFF project account in ICSR.

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Central Workshop has supported the students 'Team Avishkar Hyperloop', IIT Madras achievement of the following at the European Hyperloop Week (EHW) Competition :

  • Adjudged Winner of 'Most Scalable Design Award' presented by Zeleros Hyperloop
  • Placed 5th in Complete Pod Award category
  • Placed among Top 5 globally in Mechanical, Propulsion and Levitation Award categories

Welcome to Workshop  IIT - Madras

Workshop is an educational platform where science is translated into technology. Central work shop is centralized facility of the Institute and it is one among those that serve, support and enhances the academic process of B.Tech and M.Tech Students, M.S and PhD Research Scholars.

IIT Madras is functioning as an autonomous institution to produce high quality students and also as a research Institution with a primary aim of providing a high standard research. The Central workshop facilities are used to impart practical skills to the students in major fields of engineering and technology, it also helps to fabricate experimental set up with the required quality and quantity within stipulated time to support research projects of the Institute.


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Central workshop is added with new facility of CNC wire EDM machine. The machine was inaugurated by Dean planning, IIT Madras on 28th October. EDM facility is now available to support fabrication works of CWS.