The central workshop is equipped with various machineries and equipments for fabricating experimental setup to support research scholars and students projects of the institute.

Some important experiments set-up/ prototypes made by Central Workshop recently 

Digital Force Gauge Test Stand

The setup consists of a sample holder which can be rotated along the Z-axis and the X-axis. The sample holder is placed on a moving platform which can be moved along the X axis. The force gauge is placed on a force gauge holder which can be moved along the Y and Z axis. A stand with this level of complexity and degrees currently does not exist in the market and it may cost a few lakh rupees if it does.

IITM Satellite

IITMSAT is a student satellite project with a mission to carry a detector to space in 2016. It mainly consists of a satellite structure made of Aluminium, electronics to run the satellite, and a payload which consists of a particle detector. This document describes the fabrication of the satellite and payload structure in the IIT Madras Central Workshop.

Jet Impingement Experimental Setup

The turbine blades are the one of the key part of the gas turbines. It is essential to provide a high effective cooling system for turbine blades for working of turbine engines. Impingement with film cooling is commonly used at the leading edge and mid-chord of the turbine blades. Jet impingement yield better and effective heat transfer at leading edge of the turbine blades.

Spherical robot

Spherical robot is the tester for preliminary circle tester, for Dynamics and Control Lab, EE, IIT Madras, The robot was spherical in shape and lot of motors mounted in different location inside that. The specific important design and fabrication in that was spherical in aluminum strips (without joint) in different plane.

Laparoscopic Haptic Device

This device is used for simulation of laparoscopy surgery in training surgeons so that the trainees feel the touch feedback while cutting or papating virtual tissues. This is one of the 5 haptic devices (high end) available in the world.

Gas fired rotating baffle synchronized engine.

Gas fired rotating baffle synchronized engine prototype was fabricated to find fuel efficiency. This engine is mainly use for aerospace application this is fully fabricated in Instrument shop, Central workshop IIT Madras.

3D Printed Parts.

3D printers available in Central workshop has used to Fabricate complicated shapes and profiles to meet students project models. These parts are made by various plastics materials.

Laparoscopic simulator.

Laparoscopic simulator is the vital role in medical industries. Concept of the simulator is to perform the medical operation without doing the real time.

That the different axis of movement of the instrument is very important. I made the entire design and fabrication. I was designed that very accurately.