Carpentry Shop Facilities

Wood working plannerCapacity of 410mm W x 180mm H job
Band sawTable size of 810x790mm and 500mm height
Table circular saw500mm wheel diameter - table size of 700mm
Table saw254mm blade dia. - 47° L/ 1° R- Table size of 584x759mm
Miter saw12 inch blade dia - 32.37” Length - 26.50” width.
Belt sander machine740x290mm table size - 30° angle
Wooden lathe255mm center height - 800mm center distance

Fitting Shop & Tool Room Facilities

Universal tool milling machineJob size up to 400x150x300mm
Jig boring machineJob size up to 400 Length and 250 width
Cylindrical grinding machineJob up to 350mm diameter 625mm length
Surface grinding machineJob size up to 620x250x420mm
Shearing machineJob Length 1200mm, Thick2mm(SS), 3mm(MS), 5mm (Al)
Broaching machineBroaching length 1050mm
Honing machine

Foundry/Smithy Shop Facilities

Sand castingCasting size up to 300x300x150mm
Die CastingCasting size up to 600x600x600mm
Electrical crucible furnaceCapacity 5 kg of aluminum
Smith hearth furnaceManual heating of rods
Bending machineMax size 2000mm x 6mm thick
Rolling machineDiameter range from 120mm to 1000mm
Shearing machineMax. thick of 2mm sheet

Welding Shop Facilities

Arc WeldingMaterial - Mild steel, Stainless Steel, Cast iron
BrazingMaterial - Brass, Bronze
TIG WeldingMaterial - Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum
Plasma Arc cuttingThickness upto 50mm
Arc Welding Simulator
Power toolsChop saw, Angle cutter, Angle grinder, Drilling machine etc.

FRP & Plastics Lab Facilities

Fiber Reinforced PlasticsHand lay-up process
Hand operated Injection moulding1/2 Oz
Semi automatic Injection moulding45 gms
Compression moulding (Manual)30 T
High frequency PVC Film welding2 MHz
Hot air welding

Machine Shop Facilities

Lathe machineJob diameter up to 600mm & length up to 1000mm
Milling machineJob size up to 1245x230x100mm
Radial Drilling machine180 degree swing, hole diameter range 3-55mm
Planning machineJob size up to 2500x620x300mm
Shaping machineLength range 12-300mm & max. width 300mm
CNC Turning machineJob diameter up to 150mm & Length 250mm
VMC Milling machineJob size up to 750x510x510mm

Instrument Shop Facilities

Cylindrical grindingDiameter up to 50mm - Length up to 300mm
Hand pressLoad up to 1 Ton
Pneumatic trainersBasic, Electro & Advanced Pneumatic trainers
Hydraulic trainersBasic & Advanced Hydraulic trainers
3D printersSize of job up to 250x250x250mm
Dead weight tester for calibratorPressure range 2 bar to 750 bar
Pressure comparatorPressure range 1 bar to 200 bar
Hand shearSheet metal thick up to 3 mm

Electrical Shop Facilities

Trainers on

 Single phase control circuits for incandescent lamp, series - parallel connection of lamps, staircase illumination and fluorescent lamp.
Three phase control circuits for Direct - on - line and Star - Delta starters for Three phase induction motors.
Control circuit for forward and reverse control of three phase induction motor.
Temperature measurement and control - RTD & Thermocouple
Timers and proximity sensors.
Fiber optic communication system trainers