Central Workshop was established in 1958 at IIT Madras as part of Mechanical Engineering Department with the support of Federal Republic of Germany by funding Rs.1.25 Cores. It has a floor area of about three hundred square meters. Central Workshop was started with the association of (late) Professor Lechner of the Technical University of Stuttgart. It was planned to set up shop facilities to impart training for B.Tech students in various shop floor techniques and fabrication. In the year 1961 - 62, only Carpentry, Fitting, Gear and Machine Shops were started, later Foundry, Welding, Electrical, Hot - working, Workshop Stores, Auto Shop, Instrument Shop, Tool Room and Gear Inspection, Numerically Controlled (NC) machines, Pneumatic & Hydraulic trainers, Electronics, FRP and Plastic Laboratories, Communication laboratories were installed to offer workshop training. Auto shop was started for the purpose of Maintenance of the buses and Institute vehicle. In the year 2001, this central workshop received ISO 9001:2000 quality certification from RWTUV, Germany.


In the year 2012 the process of modernizing the workshop facilities were carried out with the funding of Rs. 5 cores to bring facilities such CNC lathes, Vertical machining Centre, CNC Milling machines, Vertical Milling machines, Universal milling machines, Pneumatic trainers, Hydraulic trainers, Welding transformers, Electric furnace and die casting machine, Rapid proto typing machine, Welding simulator to suit the training in line with the current industrial requirements.